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Top Amusement Parks in Delhi corner
Amusement Parks in DelhiTop amusement parks in Delhi offer one of the most popular types of vacations to the outdoor lovers. You can relax and enjoy array of activities with your kids, family and friends in any of top Delhi amusement parks. Not just the children, more and more adults are also drawn to these popular vacation spots in the recent times due to its mesmerizing features. Numerous amusement parks are scattered in and around Delhi where your entire family will find unmatched excitement.
If you are looking for ultimate activities full of fun, frolic and entertainment, don’t miss out the opportunity to visit the Top amusement parks in Delhi. Appu Ghar, Fun and Food Village, Entertainment Park, Adventure Island, and Splash Water Park are some of the most popular names in this regard.
Appu Ghar
Inaugurated in 1984, Appu Ghar is one of the top amusement parks in Delhi. This popular Delhi amusement park is the first of its kind in India. Featuring 4 acres of total areas, this water park offers opportunity for ice boating, sledding, skiing, and bowling on ice as well. The roller coasters and water slides of the park is truly exciting. Known as The mini-Disneyland of Delhi the park features large range of swings and ‘jhoolas’ such as, the Eerie Tunnel, Giant Wheel and Columbus Jhoola, as well as the Big Splash, and Dodgem Cars. Riding in a Cable Car and the Speeding Cup is quite exciting for the children.
Fun N Food Village
Being one of the Top amusement parks in Delhi, Fun N Food Village is the finest place to get soak in state-of-the-art recreational activities that an amusement park has to offer. This popular vacation spot is positioned on Delhi-Gurgaon highway, just three kilometer from IGI Airport. Featuring 22 water slides, 22 amusement rides, and an outstanding ‘Snow Park’ Fun N Food Village is the best place for fun in Delhi. The wave pool is the largest of all water parks in Delhi which make the park unique. Other fun rides that the visitors could enjoy are Giant Wheel, Flying Carpet, Twister, Aqua pool as well as Mono Rail, and Colombus.
Adventure Island
Delhi is home to innumerable popular amusement parks, and Adventure Island is rated among the best. This world class amusement park covers 62 acres of total area in North West Delhi. Here the visitors can take pleasure in 26 rides as well as other manifold of attractions. Some of most popular rides of this Top amusement park in Delhi are space jump, cyclone, side winder, derby devils, air bus, trail train, wild wheels, bumper cars, bush buggies, and flip out, etc.