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Delhi General Information
Top Lakes in Delhi corner
LakesThe city of Delhi is not only about some implausible historical monuments but also about some outstanding natural places. Among these soul-soothing natural places tourists count top lakes in Delhi. There are some charming lakes in and around the metropolitan that offer a pleasant atmosphere for relaxation along with fun and merrymaking. Spending an evening in one of these surroundings and enjoying picnic along with boating is a truly worthwhile experience.
Surajkund Lake
Around 20 km from the center of Delhi, Surajkund Lake is a major tourist spot. Indian nationals and foreigners alike visit this lake while exploring lakes around Delhi. It is actually a human made reservoir of around 11th century that remains lively by receiving the water of monsoon. The surroundings of lake, said to be one of the top lakes in Delhi, provide a charismatic rustic charm. People not only enjoy a delightful picnic here but also observe the semi-rural community around. Spending a night in a guesthouse near the lake is a truly beautiful experience.
Damdama Lake
Nearly 60 km from the interior of Delhi, Damdama Lake is a place that offers pure natural bliss. This is a place that makes visitors totally oblivion of the chaotic hustle and bustle of an urban life. That is why the lake is counted among the most popular lakes around Delhi. As it is survived by the rain waters only during summer time there remains a decrease in the water level of the lake. At the extreme end of the lake there is a hillock which is a part of the extension of the Arravallis. Because of the utter silence of the surrounding area of the lake it is said that one can not hear anything more here other than his or her own breath. Being one of the top lakes in Delhi, Damdama Lake provides a delightful outing.
Sohna Lake
Around 20 km from the core of Delhi, Sohna Lake on the top of the Arravallis is also very much frequented by the tourists. This undoubtedly counted one among the major lakes around Delhi. The surroundings of the lake provide a picturesque natural beauty. Spending a weekend and specially staying here at a resort during night is a worthwhile experience. During night the far away city light of Gurgaon appears like distant stars. There is also a hot spring near the lake. The Sulphur contained water of the hot spring is famous of having curative qualities especially from skin diseases. These combined characteristics have made Sohna Lake as one of the top lakes in Delhi.
Bhalswa Lake
At the northeastern perimeter of Delhi lies another popular lake named Bhalswa Lake. It offers the facilities like boating, canoeing, angling and kayaking and thus counted as one among top lakes in Delhi. During weekend people gather around the lake in a large number for the purpose of picnic and boating. Foreigners also visit this lake in a large number while exploring prime lakes around Delhi. Apart from Bhalswa Lake people also visit serene Badkal Lake nearly 30 km from the centre of Delhi.