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Top Salons in Delhi Corner
SalonsAre you feeling like having a complete makeover of your physical appearance! Then just don’t forget to pay a visit to one of the top salons in Delhi. The metropolitan boasts of a number of beauty parlors that provide authentic beauty treatments along with valuable beauty tips.
Saloons in North Delhi
In the northern part of Delhi there are some famous saloons. These saloons provide all types of beauty treatments like hair cutting, hair coloring, skin care treatments, anti-aging treatments, pedicure, manicure, aromatherapy, facials with many other things. Among such popular salons in Delhi located at the northern part of the city there are NIMS Beauty Parlour, Rizaz Beauty Parlour, Sangam Beauty Saloon, Archies Herbal Beauty Parlour with still more. Owing to their quality treatment they are counted among the top salons in Delhi.
Saloons in East Delhi
The eastern part of Delhi too boasts of some renowned salon. These saloons also deliver all kinds of beauty treatments like manicure, pedicure, skin care treatments, hair coloring, hair cutting, facials, anti-aging treatments, aromatherapy and many other things and thus get counted among the chief salons in Delhi. Among such saloons there are Kiran Beauty Corner, Blushme Hair and Beauty Salon, Apex Beauty Parlour, Walias Beauty Parlor with still more. These saloons regarded as some of the top salons in Delhi offering rewarding beauty tips.
Saloons in Central Delhi
In a hunt to explore the top salons in Delhi one should visit the central part of the city. It boasts of some such beauty saloons that are counted among the major salons in Delhi. These saloons provide worthwhile value for money service. Among the major treatments offered by these saloons there are aromatherapy, skin care treatments, pedicure, manicure, facials, anti-aging treatments, hair cutting, hair coloring and many other things. Among such popular beauty parlor of Delhi located in its central part there are Henna Beauty Parlour Starining and Plaza Saloon with still others.
Saloons in South Delhi
The southern part of the city holds some prime salons in Delhi. Theses saloons are very much authentic in providing beauty treatments like special body massage, aromatherapy, anti-aging treatments, skin care treatments, facials, manicure, pedicure, hair coloring and hair cutting with many other things. Among such top salons in Delhi located in the southern part of the city there are Shahnaz Husain, Habibs Hair and Beauty Salon, Blossoms Beauty Corner, Khoobsurat Parlour, Eves Beauty Parlor and Academy, Bliss’ cosmetic clinic ‘n’ health spa, Zeba Beauty Clinic, Harry & Shanti Salon, Madonna, Ambika Pillai Designer Salons, Oxfort Cut and Global Health & Beauty Salon with still others.
Saloons in West Delhi
Some top salons in Delhi fall in the city’s western part. These saloons also provide all authentic beauty treatments. Among such renowned saloons there are Preference, Beauty Planet, Lakme Beauty Salon, Creation Beauty Clinic, Alps Cosmetic Clinic, Apna Beauty Palace and still more.